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Management philosophy.

In order to provide reliable quality and service, we utilize technical capabilities and human resources. We will continue to grow and contribute to regional development and society through our work.


Based on our rich experience and know-how, we discuss issues with customers regarding total solutions in manufacturing. Management that shares and makes improvements that enable high productivity and efficiency on a practical level. provide services.

Selling Industrial Machinery and Equipment

Main manufacturers we handle (other manufacturers can also be contacted)

Machine Tools
Baling press machine

Equipment Maintenance Services

Providing preventive maintenance and corrective maintenance services
・Regular inspection of preventive maintenance equipment, regular replacement of consumable parts, etc.
・Corrective maintenance Restoration and repair after failure stoppage
Contract equipment installation service
・Please consult with the manufacturer or customer regarding equipment setup (Photo: Actual results)
IoT compatible production equipment
・Predictive maintenance using IoT “Internet of Things”. Through IoT, all kinds of data such as machine operating time, temperature, oil volume, air/hydraulic pressure, etc. can be centrally managed from multiple sensors attached to machines, and this data can be analyzed to reveal machine operating status and abnormal stoppages. This allows you to perform machine health checks in real time. By analyzing the data collected by this IoT, it will be possible to determine when problems will occur based on past trends.
1: Add an operation monitoring system to existing equipment, digitally visualize production plans, results, equipment operating status, etc. (DX introduction), and accelerate the PDCA cycle through real-time information transmission to improve productivity.
2: Improve equipment productivity by clearly visualizing the reasons for machine stoppages and making efficient improvements.
3: Manage production status in real time by linking your existing production schedule sheet (CSV) and system with a dedicated app and visualizing production plans and results.

Shopping Support Service

Overseas procurement! Do you have this problem?
1: Difficulty communicating due to language issues
2: Suppliers differ for each part manufacturing process, making management difficult.
3: I want to reduce costs through VE activities, but procurement staff lack knowledge of manufacturing technology
4: Supplier quality is unstable or defects occur frequently
5: I want to reduce management and joint personnel.
6: The causes, countermeasures, corrections, and prevention when supplier nonconformity occurs are not clear (there are many good reasons)
7: Is there any place that can handle parts processing + assembly ASSY?
8: Is there a place that can custom-manufacture industrial equipment that is not available on the market at a low price?




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TTVN Pamplet


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